Geospatial Conference in Tunis GCT 2016 from May10 - 12 in Tunis-Marsa

 German GeoConsultants Group (3G) and the African Geospatial Sciences Institute (AGSI), an independent geospatial education NGO in Tunisia and Europe organizing the 5th Geospatial Conference in Tunis (GCT) from May 10 - 12, 2016 in Tunis-Marsa.

GCT 2016 Tunis

The main aim of the GCT2016 will be ''Geospatial Solutions for Local and Regional Government'', develop better geospatial infrastructure, push up eGovernment applications and invite companies with eGovernment solutions. This Geospatial Conference GCT 2016 is a meeting place of geospatial industry hardware, software and services solutions.

The GCT 2016 conference location in 2016 will be the Hotel ''Le Palace'' in Tunis-Marsa, adjacent to Gammarth. More then 25 companies and 150-200 government universities will participate in this show. A huge number of potential visitors from Tunisia and neighboring North African countries will visit this show.