10th International GIS-Forum 2016 - Integrated Geospatial Solutions the Future of Information Technologies at Moscow, Russia

10th International GIS-Forum “Integrated Geospatial Solutions – the Future of Information Technologies” Imperial Park Hotel & SPA, Moscow, Russia for 13-15 April, 2016. The event features with conference sessions, exhibition, workshops, roundtable discussions centered on leveraging spatial data, technology and innovative solutions for business and society.
10th International GIS-Forum 2016

Who will participate in 10th International GIS-Forum 2016 at Moscow, Russia?

Leading satellite operators and data providers:
DigitalGlobe (USA)
BlackBridge AG (Germany)
Airbus Defence & Space (France-Germany)
DMCii (Great Britain)
Deimos Imaging (Spain)
SI Imaging Services (South Korea)
E-GEOS (Italy)
MDA (Canada)
RESTEC (Japan)
SSTL (Great Britain)
Skybox Imaging (USA)
Kongsberg Gruppen (Norway)
Beijing Space Eye Innovation Technology Company (China)
Russian Space Systems (Russia)
Progress RSC (Russia)
Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center (Russia)
Research Institute of Precision Instruments (Russia)
Lavochkin Science and Production Assosiation (Russia)
VNIIEM Corporation (Russia)
MIC Mashinostroyenia (Russia)
PLAZ (Russia)
Izhmash-Unmanned systems (Russia)
Radio Engineering Corporation “Vega” (Russia)
International Space Technologies (Russia)

Leading software providers:
Exelis VIS (France, USA)
Esri (USA)
Trimble (Germany)
Schlumberger Water Services (Canada)
SpacEyes (France)
Agisoft (Russia)
Racurs (Russia)
KB “Panorama” (Russia)

Contact Details to Participate in 10th International GIS-Forum 2016 at Moscow, Russia:
Maryia Urazaeva
English-speaking participants, sponsors and media partners
+7(495)988-75-11, ext. 817
Website: www.gisforum.ru/en/