Manual of Photogrammetry (Sixth Edition) Available for Purchase in ASPRS Bookstore

ASPRS (The American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing ) has announced the release of the Sixth Edition of “Manual of Photogrammetry”. Now this book is available for purchase through the ASPRS Bookstore.

Some topics addressed within the Manual include: 
• Mathematics: the perspective geometry which underlies the imaging process and its current usage in computer vision, the statistical modeling of measurement error, and the basic photogrammetric operations of resection, intersection, and triangulation, coordinate transformation
• Image acquisition: the physics of optical systems and imaging chips, digital airborne and satellite sensors
• Digital photogrammetry: image processing, computer vision, and their applications in photogrammetry
• Photogrammetric operations: flight planning and GPS/INS utilization
• Photogrammetric products: standard product types and formats and their associated accuracy standards
• Current applications: mobile mapping vans, close-range industrial photogrammetry, space measurements, and forensic photogrammetry
• Bibliography: each chapter has an extensive bibliography to guide further study
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