Paris in 3D as you have never seen it - Smart3DCapture software solution

Resulting from a close cooperation between the airborne surveying and mapping company InterAtlas, recently acquired by Imao, and Acute3D, the editor of the Smart3DCapture software solutions, 1000 km2 of Paris have just been reconstructed in true-3D, creating the most accurate virtual mockup of the most visited city in the World.

Paris in 3D
Capturing cities in 3D
The Ortho3D® project objective is to generate all major cities in France in 3D with the highest level of realism, and offer their models to decision makers in municipalities, local government agencies, construction and real estate companies, etc.

The art of airborne photography
Acquiring tens of thousands of very high resolution aerial images (up to 200 MP) over an entire city, requires a real know how. Over the past 15 years, InterAtlas have developed a real expertise in this field, and have even conceived their own multi-directional acquisition system around Microsoft Vexcel Ultracam XP and Hasselblad cameras.

But other issues have to be addressed when dealing with such a huge amount of data, like stabilization of the mount, storage and flow data management, INS and GPS metadata acquisition, etc.