Exploring Digital Earth-URISA 2012-Portland, Oregon | Opening Keynote by Michael F. Goodchild

Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) GIS-Pro 2012 was held in Portland, Oregon symposium, which featured a amazing keynote address by geospatial visionary Michael F. Goodchild.


The first part of the keynote address by Prof Michael F. Goodchild focused on how far the geospatial sector has come since 1998.  Specifically, he pointed how we now have faster broadband connections and graphic accelerators, as well as massive amounts of data.  All of these things are driving today’s geospatial solutions through we still have challenges ahead of us.

The second part of Goodchild’s keynote address highlighted the global social constructs behind mapping.  Each culture has a different interpretation of mapping and what locations are worthy of monitoring – whether it is a sports complex, a Korean deli or a riverbed in Western Australia.

URISA 2012 - Opening Keynote - Michael F. Goodchild - 1 of 2

URISA 2012 - Opening Keynote - Michael F. Goodchild - 2 of 2