TerraScan Software - Lidar Data Processing Software for processing airborne or mobile

You can use TerraScan-Lidar Data Processing Software in corridor and areal mapping projects. The most deadly thing about Lidar data is huge number of laser points. Your windows operating system may bang during data processing, one of the major cause is exceed memory limits. To avoid such circumstances, TerraScan Software let you divide data sets into smaller geographical blocks which can handle easily by Microstation tools.
terrascan software
The Lidar Data Processing will take place by some steps. The first round of processing will take place by user define macros. After completion of this automatic process, all points are segregated into different classes like ground, vegetation, trees and buildings. Automatic processing is fantastic for most of the cases, but sometime we need to run manual classification as per our project process document. Its manual Lidar Data Processing also very user friendly.

TerraScan reads-in raw laser points as XYZ text files or binary files like LAS and TerraScan binary.

The key-features of TerraScan - Lidar Data Processing Software are as follows:

Reads-in raw laser points as XYZ text or binary files like LAS and TerraScan binary
View the points three dimensionally
Define your own point classes such as ground, vegetation and buildings
Classify the points into ground, vegetation, buildings etc.
Dvide points into blocks
Automate processing by defining macros
Classify points using automatic routines
Delete unnecessary or erroneous points in a fenced area
Remove unnecessary points by thinning
Digitize features by snapping onto laser points
Detect power line wires and planar building roofs
Export elevation of points as coloured raster images
Project points into profiles
Output classified points as text files

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