SuperGIS Network Server 3.1 is ready for launch

SuperGIS Network Server 3.1, the newest network analysis server, developed by SuperGeo, will soon be launched.

SuperGIS Network Server 3.1, developed with SuperNetObjects 3.0, provides users with multiple network analyses including “Shortest Path”, “Superior Route Planning”, “Closest Facilities”, “Service Area”, etc. In addition, it also enables users to display analysis results on map web in the form of graphs and attribute data.

For the enterprises that need to create a map website and network analysis, the developers can apply SuperGIS Network Server 3.1 and SuperGIS Server 3.1. Therefore, enterprises are able to publish map data and build a map website to integrate network analyses with the website. Consequently, analysis results can be displayed on the map website.
SuperGIS Server 3.1 Value Edition has been launched in July, and SuperGIS Network Server 3.1 will be launched soon. To know more product information, please visit SuperGeo website: (, or contact with us by e-mail: (  
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