Revolutionary cost effective mapping software Terrain Tools 3D

Terrain Tools 3D is amazing mapping software for all purposes for land development, mapping and terrain modeling. It becomes popular in mapping community due to its versatile nature and easy to use functionalities. This mapping software has featured with multifunction, can use for digital terrain modeling, surveying, design, visualization, image manipulation, site grading, coordinate geometry and report generation.
Terrain Tools is first choice for thousands of geospatial professionals including geoscientists, civil engineers, surveyors, architects and planners.
Application include:
•    3D site design
•    Stockpiles
•    Mine surveying
•    Quantity takeoffs
•    Pad and pond design
•    Geological mapping
•    Surface contouring and visualization

Terrain: Import/Export and Coordinate Systems
•    Import: TIF, JPG, BMP, ASCII, SHAPE, MS Excel, DXF, DWG, USGS DEM, SDTS, MrSID, ECW, GPX, MapInfo, LandXML, ARC Grid, KMZ, MIF/MID and GML.
•    Export: ASCII, DWG, DXF, BMP, JPG, TIF, SHAPE, LandXML and KMZ.
•    Direct interface to Garmin GPS devices.
•    Thinning and coordinate transformation on import.
•    Assignment of symbology, breaklines, and modelled properties on import.
•    Support for coordinate systems including Lat/Lon, UTM, State Plane, Albers Equal Area and many others.
•    Conversion between coordinate systems and datums using NADCON or NTv2 grid shift files.

Terrain: Mapping
•    Creation and plan display of linear or point features.
•    Entry of features by coordinate or bearing and distance.
•    User defined attributes.
•    Calculation of areas, lengths, bearings and slopes.
• Feature  formatting (annotation, linetypes, symbols hatching), and manipulation (move, size, rotate, break, join etc.).
•    Curves, buffering and clipping.
•    Feature/point densification and simplification.
•    User definable symbols, linetypes and bitmap hatching.
•    Image cropping, resolution control and rubber sheeting.
•    Creation of output sheets including plan, profile, title blocks, legends etc.

Terrain: Surface Modelling

•    TIN surface generation.
•  Triangle control using breaklines, boundaries, void areas and maximum triangle side length.
•    Surface shading by elevation, slope and aspect.
•    Slope vector display.
•    Surface to surface volume, surface area and average slope calculations.
•    3D display of features and TIN surfaces.

Terrain: Profiles and Design
•    Creation of profiles by draping over a surface model.
•    Editing features in profile or cross section.
•    Display of projected and intersected features in profile.
•    Projection of features on multiple surfaces eg. sub-surfaces
•    Grading design for polygonal shapes such as ponds, pads, pits etc.
•    Merging TIN surfaces.

Download Brochures: Terrain Tools 3D White Papers