Mapping & Data Visualization of thematic mapping has simplified with TransCAD Mapping Software

Mapping Software TransCAD is the first and only Geographic Information System (GIS) designed specifically for use by transportation professionals to store, display, manage, and analyze transportation data. TransCAD combines GIS and transportation modeling capabilities in a single integrated platform, providing capabilities that are unmatched by any other package.
 TransCAD can be used for all modes of transportation, at any scale or level of detail. TransCAD provides:
  •     A powerful GIS engine with special extensions for transportation
  •     Mapping, visualization, and analysis tools designed for transportation applications
    Application modules for routing, travel demand forecasting, public transit, logistics, site location, and territory management

With TransCAD, you can create high-quality map output using dozens of thematic mapping styles and options, unlimited colors, and fully-scalable line styles and TrueType map symbols. With a few clicks of the mouse, MapWizard® automatic mapping technology helps you create color and pattern coded maps, dot-density maps, scaled-symbol maps, and maps with integrated pie charts and bar charts. 

TransCAD also provides specialized mapping functions for transportation applications:
  •     Automatic display of one-way streets
  •     Dynamic map labeling that adjusts to the scale of the map
  •     Built-in highway shields that result in maps of publication quality
  •     Route system maps that show overlapping routes side-by-side for greater visibility
  •     Desire line maps that show region-to-region flows
Additional tools let you visualize data that cannot be displayed using a conventional GIS:
  •     Intersection diagrams that illustrate flows and turning movements
  •     Strip charts that depict facility characteristics and their variation along a route
  •     Interactive tools for editing geographic features and for defining turn restrictions and delays