ISPRS 2012 Melbourne - entail Participation CATCON6

The sixth PC Assisted Teaching CONtest (CATCON) is going to be organized on Thursday thirty August by the ISPRS Technical Commission VI operating cluster two.

The main objective of the competition is to market the event and dissemination of effective, instructional and user-friendly multimedia tutorials, simulations and virtual environments, data packages or information sets and application software for pc assisted teaching in photogrammetry, remote sensing or spatial data science.
All registrants at the ISPRS Congress could nominate a software system or an information set for the competition. In principle, all tutorials, software or information sets nominated for CATCON ought to be non-commercial and will be provided to users while not license charges for not-for-profit use. Contestants are needed to supply their own pc to demonstrate the software or information set. every participant are going to be allotted 5 minutes for a quick presentation, followed by approximately 2 hours for demonstrations to attendees.

The Gold Award, Silver Award, and Bronze Award are going to be presented to the winners at the Closing Ceremony.

The CATCON Awards are supported by The ISPRS Foundation.


To register for CATCON6, please visit to the WG IV/2 website and embrace following information:

 Contact data (name, organization, address and email)
  The name of the CAT tutorial, software or information set
 A quick description (no quite one hundred words) of the CAT product
 Data on how the software or information set is obtained (web web site or email)
 The cost, if any, of purchase and conditions of use.

** Aside from the abstract there's no more file upload to the server necessary!

If you've got more queries please contact Christiane Katterfeld at
Visit for more information.