Fantastic Photogrammetric Software LISA-FOTO & LISA FFSAT by Lisa Geosoftware

Digital photogrammetry has modified the planet of photogrammetry utterly. These days it's not anymore necessary to use the previous required expensive hardware elements, if digital pictures are accessible. So only a qualified scanner is requested if the standard aerial photos by analog camera shall be used. The University of Hannover in cooperation with the University of Düsseldorf, both located in Germany, has developed a photogrammetric software system.
This Photogrammetric Software incorporates the measurements of image coordinates as input for block adjustment, the bundle block adjustment, measurement of a digital stereo try, DEM-generation by automatic image matching, the filtering of components not belonging to a DEM, orthophoto generation, mosaics of orthophotos and also the processing of DEM. The processing of the Digital Elevation Model(DEM) includes the computation of contour lines, 3-dimensional illustration and additional. The total program system is PC based and simple to be handled. Thus these days with little effort, the total world of photogrammetry is out there on commonplace PC’s Software for Digital Photogrammetry with live in pictures.

LISA-FOTO combines the operate of a straightforward photogrammetric workstation with automatic generation of a digital elevation model by image correlation, the generation of orthophotos and mosaiking. The results from LISA-FOTO may be transferred to LISA-BASIC for the generation of contour lines or different DEMresults.

A FOTO Photogrammetric Software / Photogrammetric Workstation
• Image co-ordinate measurement for aerotriangulation with BLUH, manual and automatic
• Object co-ordinate measurement in a stereo model with/without coupled DTM (stereo plotting)
• Stereo correlation for automatic generation of digital terrain models (DTM)
• Ortho images, mosaics from DTMs and ortho images. 3D-views etc. with LISA BASIC

LISA FFSAT Photogrammetric Software / Photogrammetric Workstation
• Similar to LISA FOTO, but for satellite images (Cartosat 1, Quickbird, OrbView-3, Ikonos)
• Orientation with RPC data, enhancement with control points
• Object co-ordinate measurement, DTM generation, ortho images etc. like LISA FOTO
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