Download Acute3D 's smart3Dcapture to generate 3D model from 2D photographs

Acute3D, the editor of Smart 3D capture solutions, which are at the heart of Autodesk's 123DCatch online services, now offers online samples demonstrating the ability of smart3Dcapture to accurately model from small objects to large cities. Feel free to download acute3D 's viewer and samples!
acute3d download

All 3D models produced by smart3Dcapture™ can be hosted on a server and visualized remotely via an Internet connection.

To illustrate this, and demonstrate the ability of smart3Dcapture™ to generate any kind of 3D model from 2D photographs, from mere objects to entire cities, acute3D offer several online samples.

In order to visualize those models, please download the S3C Viewer first, and then click on the Demo samples you want to see.

FREE Download Acute3D's smart3Dcapture™