SFM-Structure from Motion Toolkit Opensource Phtogrammetry Software

Structure from Motion Toolkit is a open-source photogrammetry software with complete photogrammetry solution. SFM_georef is a gui-based Matlab tool for scaling and geo-referencing structure-from-motion (SfM) point clouds to real-world coordinates, using observations made directly in the SfM image set (rather than identifying and matching features from the point cloud).

A valid SfM project (in the Bundler format) is required. Output directory structures produced by SFMToolbox and Bundler Photogrammetry Package are directly supported. For scaling a project, at least one distance (a control length) between positions that can be directly observed in two or more images is needed. For scaling and geo-referencing a project, the real 3d positions of three or more points (control points) that can each be observed in two or more images, is necessary. Once the transform is determined, this can be applied to point cloud (.ply) files generated by Bundler (sparse) or PMVS2 (dense), with provision given for merging multiple files (such as produced by CMVS clustering for PMVS2) into one. This toolkit is designed to be used on a 64-bit Windows OS with an Nvidia 3D card (tested on Windows Vista/7 and Nvidia 8800, 9800, 285, 465, 470).