High demand of Stealth 3D Mouse with Photogrammetry Software and Photogrammetric Workstation

Before purchasing any 3D Mouse please make sure about its compatibility with your Photogrammetry Software.  Wide range of  Stealth 3D mouse  is available, choose Stealth Mouse, Hand Wheels or just Foot Pedals or pick both according to your need. Stealth 3 mouse is currently available in V-Type and Z-Type only. It is the world's finest mouse, developed especially for 3D mapping and compatible with various leading Photogrammetry Softwares. It is available in 3 models,  Stealth 1 Mouse (S1), the new smaller Stealth 2 Mouse (S2) or the brand new Stealth 3 (S3).
Stealth 3D mouse

Why you chose Stealth 3D mouse for your Photogrammetry Software?
  • Comfortable grip and ergonomic design to reduce fatigue
  • 10 High quality Swiss-made buttons rated at 10 million cycles
  • Up to 32 functions (application dependent)
  • High Resolution Z-Wheel
  • Optical Mouse Mechanism provides fast, high-resolution, and accurate pointing, and eliminates cleaning problems
  • Design protected by US Patent No. D457,884
  • Made in USA
  • FCC Mark and CE Mark Approved

Three interface standards for use with most application software.

E-Type - (Also see V-Type below) Immersion Softmouse® 3D Mouse Compatible with up to 20 functions. (External power unit.)

N-Type - USB HID System mouse, but buttons can be read only from game port interface. Provides 10 independent buttons.

S-Type - Comm port version with Stealth protocol. Supports up to 32 functions. (External power unit.)

U-Type - USB HID system mouse version. Also, see N-Type above.
NEW V-Type - Same as E-Type, but with USB connector for use with USB->COM Port Driver.

Z-Type - USB version with Stealth protocol. Supports up to 32 functions.
Now Available - Joystick Version for all S1 and S2 Models*:

Joysticks work transparently with all software supporting any of our mouse models (not for hand wheels)
Two high-quality joysticks, left for XY, right for Z. The user can disable or recalibrate with a sequence of button presses
* Not currently available with our new N-Type mouse. Contact us for availability.
The Stealth Mouse works with the following products, and many more:

ALL software supporting the Immersion Softmouse is compatible with the Stealth E-Mouse and I-Mouse versions
ALL software supporting the 3D Puck is compatible with the Stealth Serial version.