Handyscan 3D dominating 3D Laser Scanner market for most accurate results

Are you are looking for a handheld 3D Laser Scanner? Handyscan 3D  may be your best choice for your serious work. It offers a line of handheld 3D scanners that ensures the high accuracy to maintain your quality standards. Thousands of units later, it is living up to its reputation of reliability and versatility.

Applications of Handyscan 3D

    3D scan-to-CAD
    Styling and design modifications
    As-built CAD modifications
    Class A surfacing
    Vehicle design & styling
    Aftermarket part design
    Digital models and mock-ups
    Clay model digitizing
    Custom part design
    Die and mold design
    Mechanical design
    Tooling and jig design
    Packaging design
    Rapid prototyping / 3D printing
    Finite element analysis (FEA)
    Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)