EnsoMOSAIC photogrammetry Software for image processing

EnsoMOSAIC Photogrammetry Software for image processing  is used to rectify digital images taken with any frame camera, including large format aerial camera. EnsoMOSAIC has a complete set of functions for aerial image processing integrated in one package:

-Image orientation
-Automatic aerial triangulation
-Generation of surface model
-Calculation of oriented and orthoimages
-Image mosaicking
-Colour balancing
photogrammetry Software for image processing

EnsoMOSAIC is fully automatic and all above functions can be run within few hours after the survey. Project completion does not require highly-trained personnel.

EnsoMOSAIC Photogrammetry Software requires
-Images, in any common format
-GPS coordinates, from GPS
-Camera parameters, estimated or calculated with RapiCal
-GPS coordinates can be applied from EnsoMOSAIC in-flight-electronics or from any GPS on board. Coordinates must be syncronized with camera triggering in order to have high quality output.