Pleiades-1 successfully captured the first panchromatic aerial photos

Pleiades-1 satellite was successfully launched from Kourou launch site (French Guiana) via a Russian Soyuz ST rocket on December 16, 2011. After launching, the Pleiades-1 satellite sensor(0.5m) successfully captured the first aerial photos, panchromatic satellite images. The launch marked a new history between French-Russian cooperation.

Pleiades-1 is able to provide orthorectified color data at 0.5-meter resolution aerial photos. The satellite covers a total of 1 million square kilometers (approximately 386,102 square miles) daily.  Good news about this satellite is acquiring high-resolution stereo imagery in just one pass, and can accommodate large areas (up to 1,000 km x 1,000 km). Pleiades-1 (0.5m) satellite sensor provides amazing performance and a best possible aerial photos resource.