DTMaster verse featured photogrammetry software

If you are looking for a photogrammetry software which performs fast and precise DTM editing, DTMaster fulfill all your needs with updated technology. DTMaster is popular enough for it’s great features like monoscopic DTM data editor, photogrammetric DTM editing station and lot more. All we know about inpho's digital photogrammetric system which presently comes with ApplicationsMaster. DTMaster is part of this globally well accepted photogrammetric software.
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 DTMaster - a verse featured editing photogrammetry software for efficient quality control of DTM / LIDAR data in 2D and 3D

DTMaster efficiently handles large amounts of DTM data with access to up to 50 million points at the same time. Data are managed in an efficient layer-oriented data structure. Extremely fast and compact data handling is guaranteed through binary, tiled data storage.

DTMaster photogrammetry software provides a comprehensive set of efficient tools for quality assurance of DTM data, including data visualization, numeric plausibility checking, as well as interactive data editing and 3D measurement:
  • Visual data checking:   
Color Superimposition – DTM data overlaying raster imagery, such as
- Stereo imagery with automatic selection of best-fit image pair**
- Orthophotos
- Digital maps
Projects with 20000 aerial images and more can be processed
  • On-line contour generation
Perspective view with on-line 3D panning and draping of geo-referenced raster imagery
Advanced side-view for easy interactive classification of LIDAR data, with on-line panning and axial rotation

Automated plausibility checks: 
Detection of line crossing
Detection of height outliers
Detection of gaps in a point cloud
Automated data modifications:
Local filtering of point clouds from LIDAR or MATCH-T for eliminating gross errors, as well as for separating points on vegetation or buildings
-Thin-out algorithm
-Deletion of double points
-Semi-automated correction of line crossings
Data editing and measurement :
-Editing in stereo, ortho- and side-view
-Efficient editing of points and lines
-Stereoscopic measurement of points and lines
-Interactive grid measurement    
DTM data formats (import/export):XYZ, DXF, Winput, SCOP DTM (import), LAS (ASPRS Lidar Data Exchange Format), MATCH-T XYZ, MATCH-T RAS, ArcGIS Shapefile, ArcGIS ASCII Grid, geocoded TIFF, BIL, FLT and other photogrammetry software formats.
Support of aerial frame images and of various types of satellite imagery (Ikonos, Quickbird, Spot, Landsat, IRS C/D, Aster).