Detailed discussion over LP 360 Lider Plug-in for ArcGIS Enviorment

QCoherent Software, LLC introduces LP360, a first of its kind LIDAR plug-in, for the ArcGIS environment. LP360 uses a specially-designed ArcMap data layer to draw points directly from LAS files, thereby closely integrating LIDAR data with the multitude of GIS data types supported by ArcGIS. The following are a few of the benefits and features of LP360:
LP 360

- Custom layer properties for full control of point coloring.
- Eliminates needless tiling or raster conversions.
- Specific viewing controls and filters tailored to LIDAR data visualization.
- Embedded, optimized cross-section/profile viewer.
- Display ground control points (point feature class) in profile viewer.
- Produce RMSE reports of ground control points.
- High capacity architecture provides rapid on-demand access to industry-standard LAS files.
- Advanced file management for large quantities of LAS files.
- End-user focused, with easy-to-use controls.
- Export to ASCII, LAS, or Raster

LP 360 Lider