Photogrammetry Equipments Various Types of Camera for Aerial Photogrammetry

Here you will find detailed discussion over photogrammetry equipments various types of cameras. There is two type of cameras are available Metric and Non Matric aerial photogrammetry camera.

Metric Camera for Aerial Photogrammetry

Metric cameras are those manufactured specially for photogrammetric applications.

The elements of interior orientation are known :the focal length and location of the centre of the photograph.The metric cameras are further classified as single and stereometric cameras.A single metric camera is mounted on a tripod whereas a stereometric camera consists of two identical metric cameras mounted rigidly at the ends of a fixed base for photograph.

Non Metric Camera for Aerial Photogrammetry

A non-metric camera is characterized by the off-the-shelf cameras which are often used for conventional photography.These are not the cameras especially made for the photogrammetric purposes. In these types of cameras, the elements of interior orientation are unknown or partially available

Digital close range Photogrammetry (DCRP)

 It is the latest development in Photogrammetry, which is especially used to obtain 3D spatial information about objects placed near the camera.