Comprehensive discussion of the major Photogrammetry equipments 3D Mouse

3d mouse is the one of the essential photogrammetry equipments for photogrammetry work station. A wide range of 3d mouses are available in photogrammetry equipments market. Three types of major 3d mouse are used for stereo feature extraction.

-Stealth mouse
-Tope mouse
-Immersion mouse

     Major photogrammetry equipments the Immersion and Stealth E-Mouse are free-hand devices for moving the cursor in the XYZ directions.

Photogrammetry Equipments Stealth Mouse:
    Stealth3dmouse was designed by ABC Software Developers, and resembles pointing devices used with analytical stereo plotters. The Stealth E-mouse features two data buttons on the back, six programmable buttons on the front for control of software functions, two data buttons on the top, and a centrally located Z thumb wheel.

The buttons are long life switches, made in Switzerland. The rated life is about 5 million cycles. If a button stops working, the mouse will have to be sent in for repair. In the diagram above, Buttons 1, 2, and 4 relate to the standard mouse left, right, and middle mouse buttons.

Buttons SL and SR relate to the Microsoft X1 and X2 application buttons, and are normally programmed to provide a shift function. The buttons 3, 5, 6, and 7 may produce special functions depending on the programming of your applications.

Photogrammetry Equipment -Leica Topo Mouse

Leica Topo Mouse is an advanced, ergonomic free-hand device for moving the cursor in the XYZ directions on digital photogrammetric workstations, and for carrying out frequent photogrammetric operations rapidly and efficiently. Topo Mouse is the tool for maximum productivity in time-consuming, routine tasks such as feature collection and DTM editing.

The Topo Mouse button and switch design is built to sustain millions of presses. All buttons and switches are software programmable and can be allocated to operations according to user preference.

 They can also be assigned to control clutching, shifting, sensitivity, and automatic slewing. Multiple sets of button and switch configurations can be stored to suit different operators, projects or software applications.

 Software products from Leica Geosystems such as Leica Photogrammetric Suite®, ORIMA, PRO600 and Stereo Analyst® for ArcGIS include functionality to use the Topo Mouse flexibly; successful operation with third party software products is straightforward as well.
• High productivity • Low cost • Ergonomic design
• Convenient for commonly executed Photogrammetry functions • Fewer mistakes on routine tasks • Controls up to 30 operations

Topo Mouse
Immersion Mouse

If the photogrammetry equipments 3d mouse stops working check the following:
If the mouse does not work at all, make sure it is plugged into the computer, that the computer is working properly, and that there is a red light at the underside of the mouse.
If the Z-wheel does not work, run any application program that normally recognizes the scroll wheel on a normal mouse, and see if the Z-wheel scrolls the application. If it does, then the mouse z-wheel is working properly.
If a button does not work, try another button to make sure the mouse is working.
If the mouse skips when moving, try a different surface. The mouse does not work well on certain surfaces, especially polished or reflective ones.
If the buttons work, but do not act properly, contact your software vender for help.