3D City Modeling Construction add a new dimention in Aerial Photogrammetry

3D City Modeling Construction is a most demanding work in photogrammetry. Workflow planning for creating accurate 3D City Modeling data is a tough deal. Here you will explore workflows for planning 3D City Modeling projects and developing 3D building content data. This vector data can be fed into various GIS and mapping applications.
3D city modeling is a rather vague topic, and there are many ways to create 3D city models. Here are a few different options:

- Automatically extruding 2D building polygons digitized from an ortho, either from a rooftop Z value or guesstimating the height. This is the "quick and dirty" method.
- Manually model each building individually and tag it with an XY location (often guesstimating the spatial dimensions). These models may be based on ground photos, oblique imagery, or a combination.
- 3D City Modeling data can measure Photogrammetrically and extrude buildings.
- Photogrammetrically measure and extrue buildings, and then model further detail and add elements such as photo-texture.

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