Use of topographic contour map in Google Maps

Topographic contour map contains Contour lines describe elevation change by connecting points of equal elevation of earth data. Where contour lines are close together, you can expect a steep slope; where they are spread out, you can expect flat terrain. They help highlight the elevation of areas like cities or plains where shading alone doesn't capture gradual changes in elevation.

Now, at a glance in this topographic contour map, you can see the height of the world's peaks, or plan your next camping trip. Contour lines can even help you find a flatter bike route for your daily commute, which is key if you live in a city like Seattle.
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Contour line of Mount Fuji

Google has the addition of topographic contour map to their Terrain view in Google Maps. It’s for the entire world, so we suspect they are using SRTM 90-meter resolution data; not ideal, but not bad, either.