Photogrammetry Mapping Basic Microstation Tutorial on basic page tool frames, tool boxes, and tools

MicroStation uses the terms drawing tool frames, tool boxes and tools to distinguish among these elements, but the Help file, which you should use frequently, is not always consistent in its naming. The Photogrammetry Mapping Basic Microstation Tutorial is a general description of the elements.

Photogrammetry Mapping Basic Microstation Tutorial on Tool frame (or tool bar)

Four major tool frames are identified in the TOOLS section of the menu line. The tool frames are

1) Standard - contains the Windows operations such as file open, print, and spell check

2) Attributes - settings for line styles and width, and color

3) Primary - this tool frame provides quick access to major drawing features such as levels, model and reference cells, element information, and the accudraw drawing system

4) Main 2d or Main 3d - for 2-dimensional or 3- dimensional drawing tools, dependent on your drawing type

These tool frames are usually turned on (from Tools on the menu line in the above screen display, Figure 2). The first three are docked on the top of the page, but the Main tool frame may be docked on any side or left floating on the screen as the user chooses. Movement around the screen is accomplished with the familiar click and drag operation of Windows.

Photogrammetry Mapping Basic Microstation Tutorial on Tool Boxes

The second layer of Tools is the Tool boxes that contain many individual drawing tools. Figure 4 below is a screen display obtained from

Tools>Main >

In the “blank drawing.dgn” file of the tutorial, the Main tool bar is already available to the user on the screen because it was docked earlier. In the figure within the tutorial the Main toolbar appears as the vertical, floating bar with icons on the left. The Tool boxes within the Main tool bar are displayed on the right side. What is the image on your computer screen?

To see the screen when the Main tool bar has not already been opened, click on the Main check box. Reset the previous view by going to Tools, place the cursor over MAIN to bring up the right side list, and slide the cursor over to click on Main.