Photogrammetry definitions of every day terms, Part 2

Here you will find another some useful Photogrammetry definitions of everyday terms.This is a continuation of Photogrammetry definitions of everyday terms.


Photogrammetry Definition of Georeference
The process of adding a real world coordinate system to a digital image. Accomplished in varying ways by viewing, CAD, or GIS systems.

Photogrammetry Definition of GIS
Geographic Information System, a system of data and software used to store, manipulate, and analyze geographic data.

Photogrammetry Definition of GSD
Ground Sample Distance, the size of a pixel in a digital image expressed in ground units. For example if an ortho was created with a .25' GSD then each pixel of the image would represent a square on the ground 3 inches per side.

Photogrammetry Definition of JPEG
Popular format of raster file, very efficient but lossy compression make it more suitable for snapshots than precision aerial photographs.

Photogrammetry Definition of LIDAR
A form of airborne radar used to collect terrain data.

Photogrammetry Definition of Mosaic
A process of combining multiple photographs by cutting them so as to hide the cuts and pasting them together in one large photo. What was once nearly an art-form has been moved to the computer as photos are merged digitally.

Photogrammetry Definition of MrSid
Popular format of raster file using a very efficient though not lossless compression technique developed for aerial imagery by LizardTech and International Land Systems.

Photogrammetry Definition of Orthorectification
The process of correcting a photograph for the rotations around the X, Y, and Z axis of the camera, and the removing the effects of relief displacement. This process places the elements of the photograph which are at ground level in their true ground position.

Photogrammetry Definition of Orthophoto
A photograph either digital or hardcopy that has undergone the orthorectification process.