Mt. Rushmore Digital Photogrammetry Preservation Project by cyark

Mt. Rushmore alone had 93 scans and that comprised of over 1.3 billion points for a resolution of 4mm. Of these 93 scans, 13 were captured with the Rig. The rest of the park grounds (131 scans) have been registered and are in the final stages of photo texturing with the HDR panoramic images. CyArk teams are now in the process of creating 2D CAD drawing that the park can use to track rock movement and help ensure the preservation of the Mt. Rushmore for future generations. 


Once this digital photogrammetry process is completed we will have the ability to create photo-realistic animations and even generate rapid prototype models of the Monument. For those of you not at the event, this is the first opportunity to see the initial results on the CyArk website.