Microstation Tutorial on Main Tool Frame

Since the Main tool frame in Microstaion V8 is the most used for drawing activities, the elements will be identified here before proceeding. In Figure below, starting on the upper left and proceeding down of Microstaion V8 main tool frame, the tool boxes are:
 -Element selection tools, used to select elements to be worked upon.
 -Point tools, used for placing points in the drawing.
Tool frames, tool boxes and Main drawing tools of Microstaion V8

-Hatching tools.
-Arc tools, used to place various types of arcs in the drawing.
-Tag tools, for tagging elements in a drawing.
-Group modifying tools, used to group or ungroup elements.
-Measuring tools, used to measure distances, angles, areas, and volumes.
-Attribute tools, for modifying the attributes of elements in Microstaion V8.
-The Delete element button.
Beginning at the top right we have the following:
-Fence tools, for fencing elements and modifying fence contents. Fences are used to select multiple drawing elements as subjects for one or more common operations in Microstaion V8.
-Line tools, for placing lines of various types within the drawing.
-Shape tools, for placing various 2-d shapes in the drawing.
-Circle tools, for placing circles and ellipses in the drawing.
-Text tools, for placing and modifying text.
-Cell tools, for placing cells in the drawing.
-Dimensioning tools
-Element modification tools, for copying, moving, and rotating elements.
-Line modification tools, for doing the same to lines.
What happens if you click on one of the Tool boxes of Microstaion V8 under Main?
Try the “Measure” button. Within the “Measure” tool box, separate tools are available to measure distances, angles, areas, and volumes. Now click on the button and move the cursor to the right while holding down the left mouse button. If you go far enough to the right you will detach the tool box and leave it opened on your screen. Close it by clicking on the red “X”.
This Microstaion V8 tutorial only shows a small fraction of the tools available. As you use MicroStation, the Help section can be your friend. Even if the terminology is not always consistent, the assistance is valuable.