Maps accuracy directory for aerial photogrammetry and lidar

The importance of maps accuracy depends on the particular use case geospatial data is developed for. For example, being several few meters off might be ok for a local urban planning department that only needs to know the relative position of buildings and roads but could result in costly errors for, say, a Department of Transportation that requires engineering-grade maps accuracy.
So, I thought it might be helpful to start a simple directory of relevant sites for maps accuracy. Please feel free to check it out and let me know if you're aware of any other sites that belong on the list. I know I'm only scraping the surface, so additional state, national, or private specifications and standards additions would be appreciated.

For those interested in production-level mapping, be sure to check out the "GeoBC Crown Registry and Geographic Base" (that is a mouthful) standards and specifications page maps accuracy. It has a wealth of content, from digital camera specifications (e.g. down to the nuts and bolts of camera calibration specs) to aerial triangulation, DEM, orthophoto specs and more.