List of the major 3D Aerial Photogrammetry software Market Leader

At the time of analytical workstation, 3d aerial photogrammetry software was designed exclusively for the processing of standard aerial metric photography. This is in part due to the origins of the software that have a heritage in analog and analytical stereoplotters where photogrammetrists did much of the work that is done today by computer processing. Now with the digital cameras and stereo satellite sensors, some photogrammetry software has been designed to take advantage of these data sources too. In the case of non metric digital cameras, unknown variables such as the focal length and numerical stability of the detector array are modeled mathematically in the software by using well distributed ground control points across the image. Some software also supports videography data as an input source, which would be useful to orthorectify and create GIS data from, particularly in corridor mapping applications like rivers and pipelines. So following latest aerial photogrammetry softwares are market leader of the 3D Photogrammetry software market.

Popular AerialPhotogrammetry Software
  • BAE Systems SOCETSET
  • DAT/EM International Summit Evolution
  • Intergraph Z/I Imaging
  • KLT Associates ATLAS
  • Leica Photogrammetry Suite (LPS)
  • PCI Geomatica