KLT Associates, Inc. develops software and hardware specifically for photogrammetric data collection

Over the last 24 years KLT Associates, Inc. has developed custom photogrammetry software and hardware for manufacturers of analog and analytical stereoplotters; Carl Zeiss, Wild Heerbrugg, and Kern Instrument.

KLT Associates, Inc.selling photogrammetry software since 1984; MAPS300, KLT/CE, MAPCE, and today’s KLT WinATLAS are leaders in data collection software used worldwide by private photogrammetric companies and government mapping agencies alike. Unlike CAD packages, which have been moved to the photogrammetric discipline, KLT ATLAS is developed specifically with the photogrammetric operator in mind, and provides the basis for all our tools.

ATLAS is the kernel for several products now available from KLT Associates. Every ATLAS product is capable of communicating in the operator's native language through a set of customizable language files. ATLAS photogrammetric software is available in all current Windows operating systems.

WinATLAS is our standard tool for editing of map data. This package also supports online input from numerous flatbed digitizers through standard RS232 or USB interfaces, and from analytical stereoplotters connected through the AP32 interface. We also support analog instruments through a choice of connections, and support these devices with our own absolute orientation software. This photogrammetric software is supported on all current MicroSoft Windows operating systems.