Free Photogrammetry Microstation Tutorial for navigating through the menus

After selecting the drawing you will see a window similar to the one below, which shows some of the familiar Windows icons and additional drawing controls. One major difference in the look of the screen in the tutorial and your computer screen is the background color. This user preference can be set in the Workspace setting on the menu bar.

Figure 2 Main Tools

In this tutorial, screen views will not always be provided, but multiple clicks may be needed to get to the desired command. A system to assist tracking the steps will be used. To “inverse” the background between black and white you can find the appropriate toggle switch by clicking on the following sequence as the screen changes:

Workspace>Preferences>View Options>.

The screen should look similar to the one below (Figure 3). (Variations occur because different toolbars or tools may be selected at any time during your work session). At this point you can check on or off the “Black Screen to white” check box.

Microstation Tutorial

Figure 3 Workspace Preferences