Free Photogrammetry Mapping Tutorial for starting Microstation

Here we discuss how to create microstation drawing file. This Photogrammetry Mapping Tutorial is very helpful for all.

Creating your first blank document
1) Create a folder (e.g. MS_training) to store the tutorial files.

2) Open MicroStation. Locate MicroStation in the Program Files section of Windows. The MicroStation Manager will open so you may select the desired directory and file. See Figure 1 for partial view (throughout this document a portion of views are “clipped out” to show only critical areas in order to reduce file size and printer supplies). In Figure 1 the directory in which the stored files are located has already been identified (C:\MS_training).

Microstation Manager

 Figure 1 MicroStation Manager view

3) Choose the file “blank drawing.dgn” by navigating to the directory
of your files