Free Photogrammetry Mapping Tutorial -What is Microstation ?

MicroStation provides over 400 drawing and analysis tools. This document summarizes several key points for a quick background in MicroStation so the first-time user can begin basic drawings. The summary presents many basic tools and assumes that users have familiarity with other graphics packages, such as AutoCAD, and are familiar with terms such as models, layers, grids, snaps, and more.

The drawing tools can typically be accessed either by graphically finding the tool from a screen icon, or by typing in a direct command. This tutorial will identify some alternative means of accessing the tools using the different strategies; so new users can begin to learn the power of the graphic and analysis programs.

It differs somewhat from the AutoCAD that many of you may have used in the past. One of the most important differences is in the term used to refer to elements of the drawing. Where AutoCAD uses “Layers” MicroStation uses the term “Levels.” There is no limitation on the number of levels that can be used in MicroStation, although one should not go overboard (some millions). MicroStation allows the use of up to 8 views of a model (your design). These can be from different directions such as above, below, isometric, or front (for 3-d models), at different scales (2-d or 3-d models), or of different parts of the
model (2-d or 3-d).