3D Photogrammetry Software SOCETSET by BAE Systems

3D Photogrammetry Software SOCETSET  developed by BAE Systems . BAE Systems is a global defense, security, and aerospace company with approximately 107,000 employees worldwide. BAE Systems delivers a wide range of products including 3D Photogrammetry Software SOCETSET  and services for air, land, and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, security, information technology solutions and customer support services. BAE Systems reported around $36.2 billion sells in last year.

3D Photogrammetry Software GXP Xplorer is a revolutionary data management application for that makes it easy to locate, retrieve, and share geospatial data on a local network or across an enterprise.

3D Photogrammetry Software SOCET GXP is BAE Systems’ groundbreaking software that addresses multiple image analysis and geospatial production needs — all in one easy-to-use package with a single user interface.

3D Photogrammetry Software SOCET SET is the established, market-leading software solution for geospatial analysis, mapping and photogrammetry, with comprehensive, powerful functionality for triangulation, DEM extraction, orthorectification, mosaicking, feature collection and visualization