3D Aerial Photogrammetry Software Directory

A wide range of 3D Digital Aerial Photogrammetry Software are available in market. Here you will find most of the 3d Digital Aerial Photogrammetry Software. Before go through this directory, you may check out best 10 photogrammetry software in 2016 . This photogrammetry software directory is very helpful for all aerial photogrammetry professionals. You may include others by commenting end of the post.

Desktop Digital Photogrammetry System (DDPS)
As 3D Mapper 3D aerial photogrammetry software says “DDPS does not require special photogrammetric skills to generate products such as digital elevations models (DEMs), orthoimages and 3D vector information.” DDPS can be used to produce intermediate deliverables, such as epipolar (rectified images) files which extends the range of products that you may offer your clients. The DDPS operates on Windows 95/98 or Windows NT, and is available as a complete system or as individual modules depending on your needs.There are four software modules available in DDPS, namely, OrthoMaker, StereoMaker, StereoMapper, and ImageViewer.

ESPA is a desktop
3D aerial photogrammetry software aimed at digital aerial photogrammetry and airborne Lidar processing. The modules include EspaCity - stereoscopic 3-D workstation; EspaGate - GIS/CAD/Spatial database connections; EspaKernel – for image processing; EspaEngine – for airborne Lidar processing; EspaBlock – for digital aerial triangulation; EspaBundle – for bundle block adjustment;EspaOrtho – for orthophoto rectification and orthophoto mosaics.


PCI Geomatics has developed Geomatica 3D aerial photogrammetry software that offers a single integrated environment for remote sensing, GIS, photogrammetry, cartography, web and development tools. Geomatica 10 has a number of features like: Rigorous orthorectification support for IRS-P6 (RESOURCESAT-1), CBERS and FORMOSAT (ROCSAT); Ortho-mosaic componentization; Complete Oracle 10g Spatial GeoRaster loading and exploitation; Instant OrthoCorrection; Photogrammetry improvements including advanced tools for accuracy estimation and blunder detection, greater mosaicking flexibility in color balancing and cutline selection, and improved rational functions support for satellite imagery; RADAR processing improvements and radiometric terrain correction.

Image Station
Intergraph’s 3D aerial photogrammetry software Z/I Imaging ImageStation is a photogrammetric platform that seamlessly integrates hardware and software. Image Station comprises modules like Photogrammetric Manager, Model Setup, Digital Mensuration, Automatic Triangulation, Stereo Display, Feature Collection, DTM Collection, Automatic Elevations, ImageStation Base Rectifier, OrthoPro, PixelQue, Image Viewer, I/RAS C and Image Analyst.

INPHO 3D aerial photogrammetry software is an end-to-end photogrammetric systems supplier. INPHO’s portfolio covers the entire workflow of photogrammetric projects, including aerial triangulation, stereo compilation, terrain modeling, orthophoto production and image capture. Inpho’s Photogrammetric System V5.0 product line comprises MATCH-AT for digital aerial traingulation, inBLOCK for bundle block adjustment, OrthoMaster for orthorectification and OrthoVista for mosaicing.

iWitness 3D aerial photogrammetry software from DeChant Consulting Services is a close-range photogrammetry software system that has been developed for accident reconstruction and forensic measurement. iWitness uses images from consumer-grade and professional cameras to create 3D measurements and 3D object models.

Leica Photogrammetry Suite
The Leica Photogrammetry Suite (LPS) 3D aerial photogrammetry software from Leica Geosystems is an integrated suite of digital photogrammetry products . LPS is fully compatible with Leica Geosystems' flagship geographic imaging software suite, ERDAS IMAGINE®. The product suite consists of LPS Core (Core), MosaicPro, Gpro, Image Equalizer, Stereo Analyst, LPS Stereo (Stereo), LPS Automatic Terrain Extraction (ATE), LPS Terrain Editor (TE),LPS PRO600 (PRO600) and LPS ORIMA (ORIMA).

PHOTOMOD 3D aerial photogrammetry software family from Racurs, Russia, comprises of products for photogrammetric processing of the remote sensing data which allow to extract geometrically accurate spatial information from almost any commercially available type of imagery obtained by film or digital cameras, high resolution satellite scanners and synthetic aperture radars. The latest version is Photomod 4.2, which has a variety of software modules that include Montage Desktop, AT, AAT, Solver, DTM, StereoDraw, Mosaic and GeoMosaic.

PhotoModeler, the 3D aerial photogrammetry software program from Eos Systems, allows you to create 3D models and measurements from photographs. The product is used by professionals in the fields of accident reconstruction, architecture, archaeology, engineering, forensics, web page design, and 3D graphics. The products comes with tools for creating modes, surfaces, Export Capabilities to Autodesk DXF (2D and 3D), 3D Studio 3DS, Wavefront OBJ, VRML (1&2), IGES, OpenNURBS/Rhino, StereoLithography STL, RAW, Maya Script format, and Google Earth’s KML and KMZ.

This is a digital 3D aerial photogrammetry software application from BAE Systems. SOCET SET v5.3 works with the latest airborne digital sensors and includes innovative point-matching algorithms for multi-sensor triangulation. BAE Systems has launched an upgraded version too-SOCET SET® v5.4: NGATE. NGATE (Next Generation Automatic Terrain Extraction), a licensed software module for SOCET SET®, is used for high-resolution terrain extraction and surface modelling.


Summit Evolution is the digital 3D aerial photogrammetry software and  workstation from DAT/EM, which was first released in April of 2001 at the ASPRS Conference. The features of the software include subpixel functionality, support for different orientation methods, formats support Multi-image-tiled TIF and other TIF files, GeoTIF, ADS40 TIF, DMC TIF, JPG, BMP, SMTI format, TGA, TJP, PCX,ECW etc. Other products include Stereo Capture for ArcGIS , DAT/EM Capture for AutoCAD , DAT/EM Capture for MicroStation and more.

Vr Mapping Software
Cardinal Systems, LLC is the developer of Vr Mapping 3D aerial photogrammetry software . Vr Mapping Software is being used World wide e.g., USA, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Australia, India. Vr Mapping Software Suite includes VrOne (2D/3D collection and editing), VrTwo (stereo softcopy), VrLite (vector viewer and stereo viewing plus light collection and editing), VrOrtho (orthophoto rectification), VrAirTrig (aerial triangulation), VrAdjust (bundle adjustment), VrMosaic (ortho mosaicing), VrBalance (image balancing), VrVolumes (volume computation), VrOne Microstation In/Out Translators. Our future Products are: Vr LIDAR, VrTwo with ADS40 support and many more. For Asia-Pacific region contact Cardinal Systems Sales Division at vrindia@cardinalsystems.net