What is XYZ File in aerial photogrammetry?

In aerial photogrammetry, each record of an XYZ file has a valid Point Label followed by the point's X, Y and Z coordinates. Sometimes, accuracy estimates for the point in X,Yand Z may also be included, but these are not used by V-STARS. The format for an XYZ file is shown below.
Point Label Point Coordinates (X,Y,Z) Point Accuracies (X,Y,Z)

Examples of some records are given below:
POINT1 (12.5122, -2.2231, 3.4456); 0.0012, 0.0010, 0.0018
REF22 -1.3132 3.5932 5.3768 0.0004 0.0008 0.0003
LINE1 19.5422 -6.8776 2.7896 0.0022 0.0015 0.0005