What is photogrammetry compilation and what are different stages of Photogrammetry compilation?

Photogrammetry compilation refers to assembling and fitting together the geographical data that is to be included in a map. “Fitting together” means locating data in their proper horizontal positions according to photogrammetry map projection system and scale being used.

Important stages of compilation

1. Selection of material

Compilation of geo-maps cannot be done according to hard and fast rule. Everything depends upon the purpose for which the map is intended and the material available and effect desired. The compiling officer must exercise has own judgment in deciding what material he will use.

2. How he will use of generalize details

A material from any geographical maps is generally selected from the maps of next large scale may not be available. In that case we can go for further large scale maps the extra departmental maps also may be consulted and used for compilation purpose.

Following books are generally referred:

1. The geographical journal
2. The Himalayan atlas
3. Marine and administrative chart
4. Telegraph chart of world
5. World atlas
6. Imperial gazette

Please add any other relevant book chart, publication on concerned subject through commenting.

Preparation of key plan

After selection of material, a key plan is to be prepared which serves as an index. The index will prevent the overloading of any material already available or expected shortage. This key plan is very much useful in technical management.

Preparation of compilation chart

This is the fair copy of key plan preparation on scale 1:2 million, 1:6 million, 1:15 million etc and should be sent to following for additional information if any

1. Regional Director
2. Director, military survey

Rough Compilation

This means selection and taking of basic material or tracing from the base material to the koda trace.


After the rough compilation is over black print is obtained on paper or film, suitable projection is drawn and the mosaic is prepared. The mosaic serves as the standard input for fair drawing.