Provide fair mapping procedure?

For quality and accurate aerial photogrammetric mapping, we have to follow some conventional mapping guidelines. Below we have stated some conventional steps for fair mapping procedure.

    * Drawing is done in ink and line work is sharp and uniform without breaks.

    * For a multicolor map, a separate drawing of map for original of each color is prepared. This saves time and expense of color separation in the printing office. However, where due to complicated nature of detail, it is difficult to achieve good registration by this method, it is better to draw details of more than one color on one original and to supply a color pattern to enable the printer to do color separation on negatives of combined original.

    * The scale of fair drawing is larger 11/2  times to twice than the scale of communication and to reduce it to publication scale by photography at time of reproduction.

    * If the drawing originals are to be stored for an indefinite period of future use, no pasting should be done on them. No stick up should be normally be used on polyester based sheet unless the interval of time for making a film negative of positive original is quite sharp and originals need not be retained after that should be done on a separate sheet which may be scrapped after photography.

    * Blue guide image or copy should be followed exactly for position of symbols.

    * Uniformity in drawing of symbols is maintained i.e., every type of detail is shown by a specific symbol drawn in correct size and style.