Photogrammetry Lessons - What is communication system and graphical communication

Communication means written and verbal language allows us to develop ideas and concepts and express them in a variety of ways. The use of written and verbal/oral language is called literary and articulary. Photogrammetry maps or satellite maps or any kind of map is the representation of the geographical communication. It’s a way of developing, manipulating, analyzing, expressing and communicating various types of ideas and beliefs. Mathematics is working with number, sets, and magnitude their pre use relationship and accurate calculation is called numeracy. Similarly description of spatial phenomenon such as communication network, population, plantation, material resources, boundaries need creation of drawings for better representation of facts, which is called graphicary. Map is a tool that requires employs graphic communication method.

Necessity of graphic communication

Maps are tool of communication in form of graphics transmission of graphic information through graphic language is easier than written language. For example if we want to transmit small patch of graphic work through written language, will be too lengthy for description. It may have to describe it with thousands of words and still it may not be convinced. So, the graphic language on other hand universally understood. Knowledge of script is not necessary to understand graphic language.