Free GIS and Photogrammetry Software 3DEM is available for download

Free GIS and Photograppmetry software 3DEM will create 3D terrain scenes and flyby animations and export aerial photogrammetry terrain data files using any of the following freely available terrain data as a source. USGS Digital Elevation Model (DEM) files USGS Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS DEM) files USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED) files USGS Global 30 Arc Second Elevation Data Set (GTOPO30 DEM) files NOAA Global Land One-km Base Elevation (GLOBE) files GEOTIFF Digital Elevation Models NASA Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) files NASA Mars Digital Topographic Map (DTM) files Any aerial topographic data file organized by rows and columns of elevation data 3DEM can merge multiple DEMs to provide high-resolution aerial maps and 3D projections of large surfaces, limited only by computer memory.

Free  GIS and Photograppmetry software 3DEM will export terrain data as USGS DEMs or GeoTiff for use in other Geographic Information System (GIS) programs. 3DEM includes a two-way Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver interface that allows plotting and display of GPS waypoints on the 3D aerial terrain and visualization of an entire route using 3D aerial imagery and flyby animation.

Free GIS and Photogrammetry software 3DEM uses OpenGL for high speed 3D rendering and will produce 24 bit color three dimensional projections, red-blue projections requiring 3D glasses for viewing, or color 3D projections requiring Liquid Crystal Shutter (LCS) electronic shutter glasses for viewing.