Download Free Aerial Photography Tutorial Book for using Google Maps in PDF

As all we know Goole maps provides a highly reactive, impulsive mapping interface with detailed aerial photogrammetry mapping data and aerial imagery data embedded with. In addition, map controls can be embedded in the product to give users full control over aerial map routing and the display of street and imagery data. Additionally, users can also perform map panning through the user of the “arrow” keys on a keyboard as well as dragging the map via the mouse.

These aerial photogrammetry capabilities mingle to provide a credible product, but the primary driver behind its rapid recognition as a Internet mapping observer is the ability to customize the map to fit application specific needs. For instance, a real estate agency might develop a web based application that allows end user searching for residential properties the results of which could be displayed on a Google Maps application. This ability to customize the map display through the addition of function specific data is the true driver of it‘s receiving as a geospatial viewing tool.

This 52 pages full guide on using Google Maps in aerial photogrammetry (by Geospatial Training Services, LLC) covers the following topics in details:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Google Maps
Chapter 2: The Google Maps API
Chapter 3: Map Controls
Chapter 4: Adding User Data
Chapter 5: Events
Chapter 6: Geocoding
Chapter 7: Using AJAX
Chapter 8: Debugging Code in Google Maps
Chapter 9: Transportation Features
Chapter 10: Street View