SuperWebGIS 3 Supports Numerous Commonly used Map Server Software

SuperWebGIS 3, the latest Internet Map Server Software developed by SuperGeo Technologies, is able to support several common geodatabases, such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Spatial, Oracle Spatial 10i/11g.

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SuperWebGIS 3 is the map server software enabling enterprises to deliver dynamic maps and GIS data to the Internet. In recent years, the matured WebGIS technologies have extended WebGIS applications. Large-scale Web GIS plans have also been developed. However, large quantities of data seem to be the inevitable problem in executing these large-scale WebGIS plans. Geodatabases, therefore, become increasingly important and necessary.

SuperWebGIS 3 supports numerous commonly-used Geodatabases, such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Spatial, Oracle Spatial 10i/11g, etc. Users can read the spatial data from the Geodatabases mentioned above in SuperWebGIS Mapper without installing any other plug-ins in the server. Furthermore, users can design the spatial data which are read from the Geodatabases in SuperWebGIS Mapper. Thus, the map services published on the Internet can meet the application needs in various fields.

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Geodatabase Support in SuperWebGIS 3

With SuperWebGIS, you can:
  • Deliver dynamic maps and spatial data via the Web.
  • Easily share geodata with others to accomplish tasks.
  • Use many standard development tools to customize ideal web applications.
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