DigitalGlobe Imagery and ERDAS IMAGINE Maximizing Your Geospatial Investment

ERDAS IMAGINE photogrammetry software increases your productivity, simplifying classification, orthorectification, mosaicking, reprojection, map production, image interpretation and change detection, all while maintaining the integrity of your geospatial data. Join ERDAS and DigitalGlobe as we showcase the power of WorldView-2’s eight spectral band imagery in photogrammetry software ERDAS IMAGINE. By exploiting WorldView-2 imagery in ERDAS products, users minimize their pre-processing requirements and utilize sophisticated product capabilities to deliver intelligence and highly accurate terrain, feature and image products.
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What You’ll Learn from this photogrammetry software
• See how to easily align DigitalGlobe’s highly accurate WorldView-2 satellite imagery with your current base maps and imagery investments using photogrammetry software ERDAS IMAGINE—allowing for seamless integration into your existing projects.

• Hear about change detection techniques in photogrammetry software ERDAS IMAGINE that exploit the wealth of information inherent in DigitalGlobe’s massive archive of satellite imagery—providing relevant information for informed decision making.

• Learn how the four additional color bands of WorldView-2; coastal, yellow, red edge and near-infrared 2, combined with half meter resolution, provide unprecedented opportunities for making critical decisions with better automated feature extraction and more accurate land use, land cover classification—minimizing manual editing time and providing an alternative to deploying human resources to the field for verification.

• Discover how photogrammetry software ERDAS IMAGINE enables users to employ WorldView-2 stereo imagery for terrain, feature and intelligence production—including GEOINT, state and local governments, civil organizations, first responders and non-governmental organizations.
Take part in this informative webinar to see how you can maximize your imagery and photogrammetry software investment.