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Global Mapper is over simply usually 3d mapping software; it's designed with numerous utilities. This 3D maps viewer software has capability to image rectification, contour generation from surface knowledge, tile cutting and heap a lot of. Check out best 10 photogrammetry software in 2016 and other free photogrammetry software for your reference. 

Various utilities or features of Global Mapper Photogrammetry Software

• Distance and area calculations
• Raster blending
• Feathering
• Spectral analysis
• Contrast adjustment
• Elevation querying
• Line of sight calculations
• Cut-and-fill volume calculations

Various advanced capabilities of Global Mapper Photogrammetry Software

• Image rectification
• Contour generation from surface data
• View shed analysis (including Fresnel) from surface data
• Terrain layer comparison (including differencing)
• Tile cutting
• Triangulation and gridding of 3D point data.

Repetitive tasks can be accomplished by using Global Mapper . Global Mapper built in scripting language or comprehensive batch conversion functionality.

Sometimes we have received a data-set that does not match the projection of the current project?

Simply load the data set into amazing Free Photogrammetry Software, modification the projection, and save the file according to your coordinate system. If you are working with larger dataset than the realm you're curious about, export the useful data using the crop feature and alter the projection and format of the information at identical time. Global Mapper could be a terribly helpful notably for checking co-ordinate. We are able to use this 3d mapping software sign up varied format conversions like dxf to dgn, dgn to dwg, dxf to vr etc.

In Global Mapper FREE Photogrammetry software your 3D maps files will be loaded as various layers. You need to load a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) along with scanned topographic maps to make a real 3D aerial view of the map. A digital aerial image will be draped on the surface along with vector contour mapping to make a surprising and informative graphic. The results will be available in printed form, or the data will be exported to a high resolution raster image to be useful in a presentation or report as per your requirement.

Global Mapper is very good utility Photogrammetry software for Photogrammetry, Gis, Orthophoto and Remote Sensing.
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